Men's Bathhouse &
Women's Bathhouse

Toilets for Open Ground

This Service is Closed.
In accordance with the closing
of the Open Ground due to the
existing climate situation in this
area that sudden downpour can
occur out of the wet season
much more frequently. Also Ban
Tha Pae is just 80 km from the
Andaman Sea shoreline. Rain clouds formed suddenly by the
turbulence can quickly cross the
Dawna Tenasserim and veil
over Ban Tha Pae rapidly.

Women's Bathhouse is well
furnished with
- 4 lavatories in the front hall
- 4 showers
- 4 water-closets n the back hall.

Men's Bathhouse is also well furnished with
- 4 lavatories in the front hall
- 2 urinals in the back hall
- 3 showers in the back hall
- 3 water-closets in the back hall

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