Enjoy Vajiralongkorn Dam Lake
at ... Thaveechai Samosorn
Main Toilets & Bathrooms 
 at ... Men's Bathhouse 
 at ... & Women' s Bathhouse 
Enjoy Outdoor Activities 
at ... Open Ground 
Fresh Coffee & Refreshment
at ... Lunalaya 
On-site Amenity

Thakhanoon Terrace is open to serve breakfast between 7:30 - 10:30. Please choose your choice of breakfast.
                  American breakfast  or  Thai Rice Soup
Toast with butter & yam, 100% orange juice with coffee / tea / Ovaltine is included
in both choices. On-site Amenity at Bansuan Thaveechaiphaphum is shown below.

Please click on each amenity category or picture shown below.
bstcicon - Thakhanoon Terrace : main lounge by the reservoir also an area for
        breakfast and other delicious simple meals mainly for our guests. Free WiFi
        available during the time Thakanoon Terrace is open.
bstcicon - Lunalaya Coffee Room (ร้านกาแฟจันทริกาลายา) : It provides fine fresh coffee,
        other refreshments.
bstcicon - Men's & Women's Bathhouses : Main toilet facility for Open Ground.
bstcicon - Open Ground : Pleasant lawn by the reservoir.
bstcicon - Thaveechai Samosorn : Our raft lounge on the reservoir.

Open Ground and Bathhouses are closed due to chimate change.
Thaveechai Samosorn Raft Lounge is also closed due to the drought that Vajiralongkorn Dam Reservoir has contronted since Year 2014. The Raft has moved too far from Thakhanoon Terrace.

Please be welcomed and enjoy your stay at Bansuan Thaveechaiphaphum Bed & Breakfast .

Bansuan Thaveechaiphaphum Bed & Breakfast 401/8 Moo1, Tha Khanun, Thong Pha Phum, Kanchanaburi 71180, Thailand.
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Relax then Enjoy Your Time 
at ...Thakhanoon Terrace 
Closed through Year 2011
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bstcicon Graph Showing Water Reserved in Vajiralongkorn Dam Reservoir
bstcicon Water Watch and Monitoring System for Warning Center
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