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Bus Schedule & Fare Table : Central and Eastern Route (Depart from Morchit)
Bus Route Code 9918 Bkk - Dan Jadeesamong (Three Pagoda Pass)
Scheduled Van : Kanchanaburi - Sangkhlaburi - Three Pagoda Pass, Tel 034-515151
Scheduled Van : Thong Pha Phum - Kanchanaburi, Tel 034-599452
Accommodation in Thong Pha Phum Area
Accommodation in Sangkhlaburi Area
Golf course, Vajiralongkorn Dam, contact at Tanaowsri Building, EGAT : Vajiralongkorn Dam, Tel 034-599077 Ext. 2501, 2502, 034-598030
Tennis court, Vajiralongkorn Dam, buy a coupon at the reataurant, EGAT : Vajiralongkorn Dam, Tel 034-599077 Ext. 2501, 2502, 034-598030
Shooting range, Vajiralongkorn Dam, free service, contact at EGAT : Vajiralongkorn Dam, Tel 034-599077 Ext. 2501, 2502, 034-598030
Swimming pool, Vajiralongkorn Dam, adult fee 30 bht, children fee 10 bht (ID card from any swimming club required), contact at EGAT Vajiralongkorn Dam, Tel 034-599077 Ext. 2501, 2502, 034-598030
Motorcycle for Rent
4x4 Off-road Taxi, Tel : 087-0895516
Pantip Cafe I Bule Planet Topic E8928996 : Read Comment 1-10 which provide info how to travel from Kanchanaburi to Thong Pha Phum & futher to Tha Pae by public transport, chick here & use Google Translate or Google Translator Toolkit
Thong Pha Phum Police Station, Tel 034599113
Thong Pha Phum Hospital, Tel 034599601-5, ER call 034599601
Thong Pha Phum National Park (อุทยานแห่งชาติทองผาภูมิ)......Park Data
Khao Lam National Park (อุทยานแห่งชาติเขาแหลม).......Park Data
Sai Yok National Park (อุทยานแห่งชาติไทรโยค)......Park Data
Lam Khlong Ngu National Park (ุอุทยานแห่งชาติลำคลองงู)......Park Data

Khao Chang Peauk (เขาช้างเผือก, Khaow-Chang-Peauk), read & follow a stream of beautiful landscape pictures of Khao Chang Peauk and trekking route on the extreme ridge to reach its zenith from this forum in naryak.com
Pilok Mine Village (ชุมชนเหมืองแร่ปิล้อก), final destination of Route 3272
Somsak's Mine (เหมืองแร่สมศักดิ์ or Forest Glade Homestay of Auntie Glennis Setabandu), warmly welcoming retreat, the most well known highlight spot of Ban Pilok in its atmosphere of unforgettable love story of the couple, the late Mr. Somsak and Auntie Glen, http://www.parglen.com
Nern Chang Suek (เนินช้างศึก), one of the most famous highlight spot for every photoholic, well known in its stunning twilight panorama and sea of cloud mingling with mountainous waves bathing in morning sun ray
Jokkadin Waterfall (น้ำตกจ๊อกกะดิ่น, Nam-Toak-Jok-Ka-Din), stream of clear fresh water pouring down splashingly into nature-made large pond enclosed by wall-like rock, secluded like a secret place
Nern Chang Peauk Scenic Balcony (จุดชมทิวทัศน์เนินช้างศึก) located at the cliff edge of the campsite in Thong Pha Phum National Park Office with an stunning view of Khao Chang Peauk (Chang Peauk Mountain)
Nern Good Doi Scenic Balcony (จุดชมทิวทัศน์เนินกูดดอย) located at the north edge with a superior view over Vajiralongkorn Reservoir in embrace of the complex Dawna-Tenasserim range
Thaiphusa Sirikit Crab Swamp Forest (พุปูราชินี, Pu-Pu-Raa-shi-nee), highlight spot of rainy season for wildlife philanthropist to observe mating season of Thaiphusa Sirikit Crab, colourful fresh water crab native to the Dawna-Tenasserim range
Nong Pling Swamp Forest (พุหนองปลิง, Pu-Hnong-Pling), other nearby highlight spot of rainy season for wildlife & nature philanthropist, a supurb site for the study of ecological system in swamp forest which contains fresh water from aquifer
Nam Thip Pond (บึงน้ำทิพย์, Bung-Naam-Tip) formation of sinkhole on limestone mountain lining between the land area of Ban Tha Pae & Huai Khayeng and the land area of Tambol Hin Dat with its capability to contain fresh water during rainy season to form a pond-like reservoir in the middle of cliff-like rock formation and bamboo forest
Mon Village, Huai Khayeng
Lao Village, Ban Rai, Pilok
Karen Villages, Ban Bo-oung, Ban Pilok-kee, Ban Mai-Raipa, Pilok
Fish-farming Rafts at Ban Bo-oung (แพปลาบ้านโบอ่อง, Pare-Pla-Baan-Bo-oung), Ban Bo-oung, Pilok
Bo-oung Chedi (เจดีย์โบอ่อง, ฺBo-oung-Jae-dee, Bo-oung Pagoda), Ban Bo-oung, Pilok
Macapuno Island (เกาะมะพร้าวกะทิ, Koh-Maa-prau-gaa-tee)
Vajiralongkorn Dam & Reservoir (เขื่อนวชิราลงกรณ & อ่างเก็บน้ำวชิราลงกรณ)
Phra Kanchana-Dhamma-Bidaksa (พระ ภปร, พระกาญจนธรรมพิทักษ์, Praa-Garnh-jah-naa-tum-maa-pee-taak), Wat Thongphaphum
Wat Tha Khanun & Phra Buddhachediyaakiri (วัดท่าขนุน & พระพุทธเจติยคีรี, Waat-Taa-ka-noon & Praa-Put-taa-jae-te-yaa-kee-ree)
Old Tha Khanun Community (ชุมชนท่าฃนุนเดิม, Chuum-choan-Taa-Kaa-noon-Derm)
Hin Dat Hot Spring (พุน้ำร้อนหินดาด) or Gui Mung Hot Spring (พุน้ำร้อนกุยมั้ง), well known hot spring since WWW II, discovered by Japanese troop and used for recreation and therapy, situated in pleasant shade with a nearby year-round running stream called Gui Mang

Phu-Tae Waterfall (น้ำตกภูเตย, Naam-toak-Pu-Tae) or Huey Ohung-paua (น้ำตกห้วยองเผาะ, Naam-toak-Hu-ey-Oong-paua)
Nong Bang Elephant Camp (แค้มป์ช้างหนองบาง, Camp-Chaang-Hnong-Bang)
Grunggraviea swamp (บึงเกริงกระเวีย)
Grunggraviea Waterfall (น้ำตกเกริงกระเวีย),
Daichongtong Waterfall (น้ำตกไดช่องถ่อง, Naam-toak-Dai-chong-tong),
Grajengteng Waterfall (น้ำตกกระเตงเจง,Naam-toak-Grah-jeng-teng)
Khao Yai (เขาใหญ่) or Khao Hua Loaan (เขาหัวโล้น)
Cultural Center in Honour King's 80 th Birthday (ศูนย์วัฒนธรรมเฉลิมพระเกียรติ 80 พรรษา) Karen cultural center, ไล่โว
Karen Villages in Thung-Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary
Thung Yai - Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sancturary - UNESCO World Heritage Centre
Thung Yai - Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary Thai World Heritage
Road Network in the Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary
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