Open Ground
Outdoor Ground

This Service is Closed.
Due to the climate situation in
this area, sudden downpour
out of the wet season increases
and seems to continue more
frequently. Also the site of Ban
Tha Pae is rather close to the
Andaman Sea, just about 80 km
from her shoreline. This allows
suddenly formed rain clouds to
quickly move across Ban Itong
and the Dawna Tenasserim,
approach Ban Tha Pae and
falls before moving any further
across Khao Tha Khanun lying
north-south as a natural barrier
on the east of Ban Tha Pae.
The climate further east beyond
Khao Tha Khanun is therefore
much calmer and more stable.
Camping areas in Sub Districts
of Tha Khanun East, Sahakorn
Nikom, Hin Dat and Cha Lae
are obviously choices for ones
who prefer outdoor activities.
Follow the link below for more
information about camping areas
in Sub Districts mentioned above
Follow the link & map below to
see the site of Bansuaun,
Ban Tha Pae and Andaman Sea

Open Ground is located on the south
area. Beyond the Open Ground, the
land seems to recess to form a small
bay, looking picturesque especially
in an early morning.

By the end of October, cool wind
from the north regains power and
dominate overall climate. It provides
great opportunity for those who love
outdoor life since the rain recesses
to superior north wind. The reservoir
is filled up with fresh water from the
mountains surrounded and its rim
entends and approach the lawn of
this outdoor activity ground.

In the morning, cool mist prevails
over the lake and overall landscape.
So delightful for those who escape
from complexity of urbanism to regain
their vital force. Morning landscape seems like a taste of nectar for life.

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